We see an increase in the interest towards our plants from our clients and to be even closer to you in Bulgaria, we launched a partner program with a number of store chains and flower shops. It will give our clients a chance to see the plants in person and ease the buying process. Every month we will be increasing the list of our partners. 

You can find our plants in our greenhouse as well as in these stores:

– Production and sales base Cactus Online: Markovo, st. Tsar Ivan Asen II, 65 

– Supermarket chain “Leksi”: Plovdiv, bul. Maritsa no. 19 and st. Cap Raicho no. 56

– Garden center “Green Line”: Plovdiv, on the district towards the village Markovo N42.090134,E24.719238

We also invite any plant or souvenir shops in Bulgaria to our partner program, we offer comfortable working conditions and discounts for continuous partners.

You can download our presentation catalog here – Presentation Cactus-online.

You can contact us via email or by phone – info@cactus-online.net, +359885152000

Production and sales base Cactus Online 

Supermarket chain "Leksi"

Garden center "Green Line"

Our Ebay Shop

We love plants, the mood & health
benefits they bring to spaces.

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  • info@cactus-online.net
  • Greenhouse adress: st. Tsar Ivan Asen II, 65 Markovo 4108 Bulgaria.
  • +359885152000
  • VAT#BG205007100
  • Legal adress: 8 Buzludzha str., Markovo, Plovdiv district, Bulgaria, 4018

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