Growing cactuses and succulents since 1999 I managed to collect good amount of astrophytum plants, gymnocalycium, copiapoa, ferocactus plants and many others. Then I focused on succulents and mesemb plants and at the end built a new greenhouse for aloe, haworthias and caudex plants. These days I have about 100 000 plants in my collection and offer good range of haworthia plants, lithops, conophytums, aloe, echeveria, crassula, adromischus plants and big range of astrophytum hybrids, gymnocalycium seedlings, neoporterias, thelocephala seedlings and many others.

In 2015 I moved from Ukraine to Bulgaria with my collection and since then started to develop my hobby as a business.

Since 2018 I have a team of professionals working with me to support our online shop and plants care. Mariela Miteva, Sabina Paraskova, Dimitar Stoychev and Yaroslav Avekin – it is our team of professional growers and sales managers.

Also we offer a good range of cactus-related souvenirs.

We ship plants worldwide (the only 2 countries are in my exception list – Singapore and Australia, I’m really sorry for it). I offer registered airmail delivery with phyto certificate (13 euro per box for non- EU countries).

Fast delivery, good packaging, healthy plants. It is our motto and standard.

Our team – is a friendly collective, which in the 3 years grew to 9 people and became a family,where everyone is helping each other and happy about teams successes and achievements, and who are listening to the clients feedback.

We are open to everything new and interesting, every month we improve our collection in our greenhouse with new and exciting plants and make our clients happy by giving them an opportunity to build a unique collection of their own, starting with cactuses and succulents up to begonias and bonsais.


Cactuses_Studio (36)
Nata Ellis & Cactus-online team


The foundation of our company is in the 23 years of experience and plant collection of Nata Ellis, firms founder, and the proffesional expertise of our specialists – agronomist Sabina Paraskova and a consultant with a Phd in biology – Yaroslav Avekin.

 Our team of specialists is busy with growing plants from seeds, pollination, creation of our own seeds from pure species as well as unique hybrids, which after sowing and selection of the most interesting plants are launched into mass production and are sold.

Total area of our greenhouses is 450 sq. meteres and every year we are adding 150-200 sq.m. of new greenhouses, expanding our assortment of types.

Cactuses_Studio (16)
Yaroslav Avekin
Biology consultant
Cactuses_Studio (5)
Sabina Paraskova


All plants that we get or grow in our greenhouses that are ready to be sold are taken care of by our managers, who choose the most beautiful healthy and unusual plants for our website.

We try to make multiple photos of each plant so our buyers can look at it from all sides and have a better understanding of the plants they are choosing.

All incoming and outgoing payments are monitored by our accountant, Slavena, who very carefully monitors clients balances and payments to suppliers.

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Velichka Stoicheva
Cactuses_Studio (13)a
Mariela Miteva
Cactuses_Studio (14)аb
Irena Kazakova
Cactuses_Studio (12)
Slavena Mateeva

Packaging and delivery

Packaging and delivery – every order is not only an order on the website or the phone, but also a very important process of delivering the plants to our clients.

And at this stage it is very important, that the whole way from out greenhouse to the clients plants will be safe and delivered in the best possible state.

We thoroughly package, check and deliver using the safest delivery services to make our clients happy with beautiful and healthy plants in the shortest time!

Our team works fast, efficient and in accordance with our clients needs! You can always count on them!

Cactuses_Studio (44)
Andrew Ellis
Delivery and Packaging
Cactuses_Studio (2)
Dimitar Stoichev
Delivery and Packaging
Cactuses_Studio (3)
Rangel Ivanov
Delivery and Packaging

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We love plants, the mood & health
benefits they bring to spaces.

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