Open Doors Day 29-30th of May

On 29-30th of May our firm “Cactus Online EOOD” once again will open its doors for all cactus lovers from all over the world, who want to share their experience, to add new plants to their collection and to take part in our contests. Also to recharge with positive emotions from our team, who will be happy to help you choose and pack the plants and will advise on how to take care of them. At our event you can also enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee with smiles and positive conversations. Substrats, fertilizers, pots, ceramics, rooters – all of these are important and needed accessories which you can also purchase from us and receive a consultation. We are open every working day, but on 29-30th of May we will not just open our doors, but also organize two contests for kids and adults.

First contest – photo-contest – “My cactus and my pet” – many of us have a pet at home, cat, dog, parrot or hamster, which often try to get to know the plants, sometimes even by biting them, and most importantly they will pose for the camera, if you can catch them in the act. And these are the photos that we want to see from you for the contest – Your cactus or succulent and your pet in one photo, together, photographed during one of these moments.
Every contestant can bring up to 3 photos: All of them will take part in the online-poll and the winners in their age group will receive a prize – composition of cactuses and succulents from Natalya Ellis – director of the firm, and a contest winner certificate.
Both kids and adults can take part in the contest – no restrictions! There will be 4 different age groups for the polls – from 2y.o. to 7y.o., from 8y.o. to 12y.o., from 13y.o. to 18y.o. and 18+. In each age group there will be a winner.

Second contest – is a children’s story contest – “my favourite cactus”. If you are from 2 to 18 years old, and you have a cactus at home, write a short story about it – how you got it, how you take care of it, what surprises it brought to you and what types of cactuses you like. Any situation or adventure, about your cactus, can be the basis for your story. Bring your stories 29-30th of May and take part in the contest!
The aim of the contest is to see this world through a child’s eyes, get to know why they love their plants and to create a book of kids drawings, stories and photographs. This will be a basis for our charity project, with which we want to help kids, elderly, and animal shelters in our country. More information about this project in the coming news posts! We are waiting for you on 29-30th of May.

Open Doors Day 24-25 of April

On 24-25 of April 2021 our firm organized Open Doors Day and a kids drawing contest “Me and Cactus”. We received over 50 drawings and there is an online-poll at Nata Ellis Facebook profile, where anyone can like the drawings they like. Winners of the contest in 4 age groups will receive prizes – compositions of cactuses and succulents from the firm’s director – Natalya Ellis. We were surprised with the high number of contestants, some drawings were sent by mail among which there are unique drawings, which produce plenty of positive emotions and smiles from everybody who looks at them! We were impressed by these drawings and decided to continue this initiative!

Many people from different cities came to see us during our Open Doors Days, to see us again, find new plants for their collection, share their experience of caring for the plants and impressions from our plants. Each event like this fills us with positive emotions, makes us want to grow even more interesting plants, bring more interesting types of plants, not only cactuses and succulents but also frost-resistant plants. We widen our assortment of plants for the garden, offer interesting ceramic and fertilizers for various plant types. We hope we can continue to make our clients happy!

Our greenhouse is open to visits every working day from 9:30 to 15:30.

On 29-30th of May we invite all cactus and succulent lovers from all over the world to visit our “Open Doors Day”. We promise to show many interesting plants! And we will hold two new contests! Follow our news.


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